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Undergraduate Teaching
BIOLOGY 2A03: Integrative Physiology of Animals. Fundamental principles of animal physiology, including: cellular energetics, diffusion, osmosis, membrane transport, excitability and contractility, gas exchange, fluid dynamics, electrolyte balance

BIOLOGY 3U03: Animal Physiology - Homeostasis. Respiration, circulation, acid-base balance and renal function.

BIOLOGY 3ZZ3: Topics in Physiology. Current topics in animal and human physiology

BIOLOGY 3XL3: Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy and Physiology. Major organ systems are examined (cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, skeletal, muscle, gastrointestinal) in terms of their form and function, compared across taxa (within vertebrates) and environments (heat, cold, salt, and oxygen stress).

BIOLOGY 4I03: Biology Inquiry - Animal energetics and metabolism. Explores the concepts of scope of activity and scope of survival which allow animals to survive in harsh environments or have exceptional locomotory abilities

BIOLOGY 4X03: Environmental Physiology. The influence of environmental factors on the physiology of animals and the adaptation of animals to diverse environments in the context of biodiversity

Graduate Teaching

BIOLOGY 728: Integrative Physiology. This graduate level course is a mixture of formal lectures, discussion groups and student presentations examining the integration of physiological and biochemical processes from the level of genes, cells, organs, systems and whole organisms.

BIOLOGY 726: Environmental Physiology.

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