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Current Team Members

Principal Investigator

Grant McClelland, BSc (uOttawa), PhD (UBC),
NSERC PDF (UC Berkeley), HSF PDF (Queen's U)
Position: Principal Investigator & Lab Director & reaching things on high shelves

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Postdoctoral fellows

Graduate Students

Sulayman Lyons (BSc McMaster U)
Position: PhD

Regulation of lipid metabolism for thermogenesis at high altitude

Lyons, S.A., Tate, K.B., Welch, K.C. Jr., and McClelland, G.B. (2021) Lipid oxidation during thermogenesis in high altitude deer mice. Am. J. Physiol. doi: 10.1152/ajpregu.00266.2020, In Press.

Claire Baragar (BSc Western U)
Position: MSc

“Regulation of muscle mitochondrial lipid metabolism with shivering”

Lauren Dessureault (BSc Mount Allison U)
Position: MSc

“Regulation of muscle metabolism with exercise and recovery in deer mice”

Undergraduate Students

Juliana Podobnik
Position: BSc researcher

Regulation of mitochondrial respiration and non-shivering thermogenesis in brown adipocytes”

Anjini Sam Chee
Position: BSc researcher

“Liver mitochondria as a hub for thermogenesis in highland deer mice”

Sanjeevan Mathialagan
Position: BSc researcher

“Muscle fiber specific lipid use during shivering thermogenesis in deer mice”

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