Grant McClelland index MacMaster


Michael Jonz, Biology uOttawa

Chris Wood, Biology McMaster

Sigal Balshine, Psychology, neuroscience and Behaviour, McMaster

Oswaldo Ramirez, Margarita Arana - Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Lima, Peru

Ted Garland - University of California, Riverside

Jay Storz, University of Nebraska

Zac Cheviron, University of Illinois

Jim McGeer, Wilfred Laurier University

Scott Smith, Wilfred Laurier University


Reuven Dukas, Paul Faure, Jon Stone – Biology & PNB, McMaster University

Martin Gibala, Mark Tarnopolski - Kinesiology, McMaster University

Martin Kolb, Medicine, McMaster University

James Staples - University of Western Ontario

Michael Wilkie, Jim McGeer, Scott Smith - Wilfred Laurier University

Yuxiang Wang, Queen's University

Steve Britton and Lauren Koch - University of Michigan

Dominique Bureau - University of Guelph

Jacques Mercier, INSERM ERI25, Montpellier, France

Christer Hogstrand, Kings College, UK

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