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Ecology & Evolution

Our research in the area of Ecology and Evolution aims to address several important questions and uses a host of approaches and techniques to achieve this. Most labs use multidisciplinary approaches spanning several areas such as molecular techniques, quantitative methods, GIS, laboratory experimentation on organism development and physiology, population dynamics, genetic analyses as well as satellite imagery.

Expandable List

  • BIOL 6DD3 / Molecular Evolution
  • BIOL 708 / Quantitative Methods in Ecology and Evolution
  • BIOL 709 / Ecological Statistics
  • BIOL 715 / Topics in Evolutionary Genetics
  • BIOL 720 / Bioinformatics
  • BIOL 721 / Topics in Molecular Evolution
  • BIOL 724 / Molecular Ecology

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  • Recently, the Evans lab has uncovered variation in genetic mechanisms for sex determination in frogs, and explored how different social systems affect genome evolution in primates.
  • The Dudley lab has discovered that plants recognize their kin and respond to them modifying their growth patterns (as featured on CBC)
  • The Rollo lab has identified a complex mixture of nutrients that appears capable of dramatically extending mammalian life spans
  • Research in the Scott lab has uncovered connections between temperature and adaptability, which have unexpected implications for climate change effects (PNAS, 2012)
  • The Quinn lab has made remarkable discoveries, connecting air pollution with heritable genetic change (as published in Science)
  • Using mathematical modelling, the Bolker and Dushoff groups are revealing important insights into the spread of infectious disease

Ecology & Evolution

A portrait of Patricia Chow-Fraser

Patricia Chow-Fraser

Professor, Faculty of Science Research Chair

A portrait of Jonathan Dushoff

Jonathan Dushoff

Professor, Faculty of Science Research Chair

A portrait of Ben Evans

Ben Evans

Professor, Associate Chair (Graduate Studies)

A portrait of Graham Scott

Graham Scott

Associate Professor, Canada Research Chair (Tier 2), University Scholar

A portrait of Jianping Xu

Jianping Xu

Professor, Faculty of Science Research Chair